Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the New Mexico Music Educators Association is to promote the advancement of music education through public, private and parochial schools and other educational institutions of New Mexico through the philosophy that:

  • Every child has the right to an opportunity to explore and develop his or her capabilities in the field of music in such ways as may bring happiness and a sense of well-being; stimulate his or her imagination and stir his or her creative activities; and make him or her responsive to cherish and seek to renew fine feelings induced by music.
  • Every child shall have the opportunity to experience music with other people so that his or her own enjoyment shall be heightened and he or she shall be led into greater appreciation of the feeling and aspiration of others.
  • Every child shall have the opportunity to make music through being guided and instructed in singing, in playing at least one instrument, both alone and with others, and so far as his or her powers and interest permit in composing music.
  • Every child shall have the opportunity to grow in musical appreciation, knowledge and skill through the educational programs that may be offered to children and youth
  • Every child shall be given the opportunity to have his or her interest and power in music be explored and developed to the end that unusual talent may be utilized for the enrichment of the individual and society.
  • Every child has the right to teaching which will develop his or her appreciation of music and encourage and promote an understanding of all the fine arts.