All-State and Conference Information

2020 All-State Music Festival and Conference Registration

2019-2020 Fees

  • There will be an additional $5 for all Concert Orchestra students for the rental of the Danzon.  This will be provided to you by NMMEA and not gotten from the music vendor (thus not included in price of the folder from Musicality)

Notes on registering for the conference (Registration links below)

  • If paying by credit card – select “Pay Now”
  • If paying by PO or Check – select “Pay later” and send check or PO to Executive Director)
  • Once you submit registration you will need to contact Executive Director to make changes
  • If you are paying by multiple funding sources (PO and Booster check, etc) please contact Executive Director before completing registration
  • Registration  Links

2020 All Section Worker List – 1-7-20 (10pm)

All-State Performance Recordings 

Conference Hotel Information

2020 Educator Schedule Matrix

  • Check conference app for updates