• Share your story!

    • Help NAfME convince decision makers that music is something worth protecting in every school?  There’s no more powerful way to do so than by sharing your personal story about how music education or a music educator has affected YOUR life.  Tell us about the impact of an important music educator in your life. Reminisce about how you finally mastered a difficult part on your  instrument.  Describe the emotions you felt when your school ensemble performed at a concert or festival.  Add your story to our growing collection and be a part of something bigger than you ever imagined
    • Read “Share Your Story” submissions by New Mexico Music Education Students from ENMU



  • Join the Broader Minded Movement!

    • Music not only impacts academic achievement, it also shapes the way our students understand themselves and the world around them.  Let’s think beyond the bubblesand educate the whole students.



  • Program Insert

    • Feel free to use this program insert to advocate for your music program. 



  • Support the NMMEA All-State Music Festival and Advocacy Efforts

    • Show your support for music education in New Mexico! Add your name to the list of individuals who recognize the value of music education and support NMMEA. Your generous $25 tax-deductible donation will go toward funding future NMMEA sponsored activities such as All-State Music Festivals and Music Educator In-Service Conferences and advocacy effort.  All donor names will be listed on the NMMEA website on the “Bulletin Board” link.