Officers Elect

2019 – 2021 NMMEA Officers 

Thank you to everyone who agreed to have their name on the ballot.  Following is a list of the officers elect.  

NMMEA President
Jennifer Rogers

Band Vice President
Amy Williams

Choral Vice President
Clarissa Clark

Collegiate Vice President
Jennifer Laubenthal

General Music Vice President
Julie Rombach-Kendall

Guitar Vice President
Justin McMurdo

Orchestra Vice President
Carla Lehmeier-Tatum

The membership also voted yes to the following question:

Would you like the NMMEA Board of Directors to explore the possibility of adding a Jazz Section to host Jazz All-State (much like our current sections for Band, Orchestra, Choir, Guitar, and General Music Sections)? If the membership votes in favor of exploring adding a Jazz Section, then a committee would be created by the NMMEA President with representatives from NMMEA and jazz educators to determine if it is feasible logistically, financially and educationally. The committee’s proposal will be presented to the NMMEA Board of Directors at their July 2018 meeting. If the Board votes to approve the formation of a Jazz Section, the proposal would then be presented to the membership for a final vote in September of 2018.