New Educators to New Mexico

Welcome to New Mexico!  Whether a first year teacher or a veteran teacher we welcome you to our wonderful state and look forward to meeting and working with you.  Having had a few “first years” myself, the beginning of a new school year in a new position can seem daunting to say the least.  There are many resources available to help in your success but knowing where to find them can be as difficult as that first class!  Below you will find valuable links, checklists and resources that should prove helpful.  I urge you to reach out to fellow music teachers in your building, city, district and state.  The biggest mistake I made in those early years was asking for help!  We are all here to help you.  Again, welcome and have a great year!

President, NMMEA


Helpful contacts

Making sense of the acronyms

  • NMMEA (New Mexico Music Educators Association) – This is our state’s professional organization for music educators. 
  • NAfME (National Association for Music Education) – This is NMMEA’s parent organization and our national professional organization.  By joining NMMEA, you automatically become a member of NAfME.
  • MPA (Music Performance Assessment) – many of you will know this event by another name:  contest or large group.  This is an NMMEA sponsored and NM PED endorsed evaluation of our music ensembles. Register on your districts portion of this website and make sure to review your districts guidelines.  Groups are expected to perform three contrasting pieces (or two if they are major works). Ratings will be given by three adjudicators using the MPA rubric (available on your district’s portion of this website).  In addition to the rating given on stage each group will sight read and receive a rating.  Make sure to check your district handbook for procedures and rules.  Both numeric (0-100) and ratings (I-IV) will be given by each adjudicator.  
  • NMPED (New Mexico Public Education Department) – This is the state agency that oversees all public schools in the state
  • EoC (End of Course Exam) – These are exams organized and administered by the NM PED to aid in teacher evaluation and assessment of student progress.  
  • TOB (Tournament of Bands) – This is a marching contest sponsored by New Mexico State University
  • ZIA (Zia Marching Fiesta) – this is a marching contest sponsored by the University of New Mexico