Communication Ideas

Communication is at the root of any successful program.  Many issues can be avoided through clear lines of communication with administration, parents and students. 

A few ideas:

  • Send out weekly reminders to parents and students.  Most schools have a data bass of parent / student emails. When communicating with parents and students through email, use your school email, not your personal email.
  • Check school and district guidelines before asking for student cell numbers.  Many districts have rules against communicating with students through their personal cell phones (and from your personal cell phone).
  • Consider setting up a Remind 101 account.  It is safe and easy to communicate with students and parents to their personal phones. 
  • If you have an organization website, make sure it is updated often.
  • Establish a routine for announcements (announcement board, announcements on board, announcements at end of class and etc).
  • When in doubt, call home.  Most parents want to hear from the school.  A quick call with a concern can prevent a much more awkward situation down the road.
  • Consider social media communication systems, but be careful!  If the group is going to have a Facebook page, it must be monitored by a trusted adult.