NMMEA Awards

Award Recipient History 

Guidelines for Submission of Achievement Awards

Please read Award Criteria & Submission Process carefully. Each application must consist of the award application (pdf and word versions available below) as well as all supporting documentation listed in Criteria and Submission process. 

  • All documents will be submitted electronically to the Immediate Past President of NMMEA via email (pastpresident@nmmea.com)
  • Submitted documentation (application, resume, letters of support, and other requisite supporting documents) must be in PDF format
  • Applications and letters of support must be signed by the appropriate individuals
  • Candidate photo must be in JPEG format
  • All documentation will be submitted as attachments to one email message.  Subject line must include district abbreviation, award name, and name of nominee in the following format “SE Hall of Fame – John Doe”
  • One email with supporting documentation should be submitted for every award nomination.
  • Message(s) with nomination documentation must be submitted by the District President only.
    • Submission by the District President indicates formal approval of the submitted materials
    • Submissions may not be edited or appended. Deadline is July 1 at 11:59 PM
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Criteria & Submission Process (read carefully)

Award Applications (PDF Version)

Award Applications (Word Version) – no alterations of questions permitted