PO – steps to avoid issues

Steps to a hassle free PO experience!

If paying for fees with a PO, please follow the following steps.  Failure to do so could result in your business office not paying for the fees or an audit finding for your district.

  1. Get a quote for fees (not required by all districts)
  2. Turn quote in to Business Office so they will generate a PO
  3. Email a copy of PO to NMMEA (not just the number but a scan of the PO)
  4. Register for event 
  5. Turn in invoice from registration to Business Office
  6. Once Business Office receives invoice, they will mail a check to NMMEA

Common mistakes!

  • Registering for an event before you have a PO
    • The date of the transaction must be after the date on the PO
  • Failure to turn in invoice to the Business Office.
    • Your Business Office will not send a check until they receive an invoice.  Accounts will remain unpaid until a check is received.
    • Not planning for enough turnaround time for PO