New Mexico Activites Association State Contests

New Mexico Activities Association State Choir Contest 

New Mexico Activities Association State Band Contest

New Mexico Activities Association State Orchestra Contest


Results of the 2014 NMAA State Contests

This list of results only reflects the ensembles that were awarded trophies by NMAA. There were many fine 
performances in each of the three state contests. All directors and students are to be commended for participating. 
For complete results go to the NMAA website and click on the “Activities” link. Drop down and 
click on the activity you would like to see the complete results (Orchestra, Choir, Concert Band).


Middle School 
1st – Mesa Middle School – Eric Rangel Symphony Orchestra 
1st – Centennial High School – Daniel Rivera & Joseph Flores

String Orchestra 
1st – La Cueva High School – Rebecca Simons 
2nd – Las Cruces High School – Jennifer Rogers 
3rd – New Mexico School for the Arts – Brett Kroening


Middle School 
1st – Eisenhower Middle School – Nicholas Prior 
2nd – Sandia Prep Combined Middle School Choir – Shelly Andes

1st – Victory Christian Academy – Lyle Miller 
2nd – Cloudcroft High School – Pat Gaskill

1st – Lovington High School – Chris Cauthen

1st – Piedra Vista High School – Virginia Nickels-Hircock 
1st – Santa Fe High School – Marilyn Barnes 
3rd – Moriatry High School – Penny Voss

1st – La Cueva High School – Deanna Amend 
2nd – Carlsbad High School – Ken Miller 
2rd – Eldorado High School – Megan Rader


Middle School 
1st – LBj Middle School – Gerri Reese 
2nd – Madison Middle School – Betsy Van Dyke 
3rd – Valencia Middle School – Bill Austell

1st – Cimarron High School – Pam Towry Church 
2nd – Cloudcroft High School – Pat Gaskill 
3rd – Clayton Jr./Sr. High School – William Korte

1st – Cobre High School – Chuck Gerheart 
2nd – St. Michael’s High School – Dorothy Kincaid 
3rd – Portales High School – Jennifer Johnson

1st – Deming High School – Bernie Chavez 
2nd – Valencia High School – Anthony Baca 
3rd – Centennial High School – Joseph Flores

1st – Clovis High School – Bill Allred 
2nd – Eldorado High School – Brad Dubbs 
2nd – Las Cruces High School – Saul Garland