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2015 NMMEA Awards Recipients

Music Educator of the Year - Dustin Seifert, Portales 
Hall of Fame Keith Jordan, Albuquerque
Kurt Chrisman, Farmington
Pam Towry-Church, Cimarron
New and Emerging Teacher - Nicholas Prior, Albuquerque
Emeritus Teacher - Diane Schutz, Las Cruces
Administrator of the Year - Ricky Espinoza, Aztec
Rollie V. Heltman Distinguished Service Award - Diane Otts, Albuquerque
Award of Distiction - Las Cruces Public Schools

2014-2015 NMMEA Calendar of Musical Events


Very Important Updates to the Emeritus Teacher and New & Emerging Educator Awards Applications

Please be advised the the NMMEA website incorrectly asks for 6 copies of materials for the Emeritus Teacher and New & Emerging Educator Awards nomination packets.  For each of those awards the criteria and guidelines listed are correct on the website, however we only need 1 electronically submitted copy of each of the requisite items.  We do not require hard copies of materials in binders.  For more information, please review the following link, NMMEA Submission Guidelines.

To clarify, the following awards require the following electronically submitted requisite items:

Emeritus Teacher 
Award Resume and Nomination Packet must include:

  • Resume: Includes - Years of active teaching; Contributions to the music education profession, both before and after retirement; Service to NMMEA through active participation at the District and State levels; Honors and/or awards received; Accurate and current information including; Address, phone number, and email address for both home and work.

  • 3 separate letters of recommendation

  • Emeritus Award application

  • Publicity photo

  • List of local media and addresses

New & Emerging Educator Award Resume and Nomination Packet must include:

  • Resume: Includes - Number of years of service to music education; Identified service to NMMEA through active participation at the local District and State Organization level; List of honors and/or awards; Accurate and current information including; Address, phone number, and email address for both home and work.

  • 3 separate letters of support: Includes - Evidence of quality of teaching, reflected by testimonials by peers, students, parents, and/or administrators.

  • Stated goals and objectives for continued participation as a professional.

  • New & Emerging Educator application

  • Publicity photo

  • List of local media and addresses


The 2015 New Mexico All-State Music Festival and In-Service Conference will be held on the University of New Mexico campus on January 7-10, 2015.

2015 NMAA State Contests

  • April 10-11, 2015 - Orchestra

  • April 17-18, 2015 - Choir

  • April 24-25, 2015 - Concert Band

Very Important - End of Course  (EoCs) and Music Performance Assessment Information

It is very important that everyone reads the letter from our President Neil Swapp and the information packet that is attached to his letter regarding the End of Course Exam (EoCs) and the Music Performance Assessment (MPA). To access the letter and packet of information click here.

NMMEA Officers Elect for 2015-2016

Congratulations to our officers-elect who will take office following our 2015 All-State Music Festival and In-Service Conference.

President - Brian Uerling
Band Vice President - Bernie Chavez
Choir Vice President - Deanna Amend
Orchestra Vice President - Jonathan Amerding
Guitar Vice President - Jim Rivera
General Music Vice President - Jan Delgado
Collegiate Vice President - Kayla Paulk

Thanks to everyone who agreed to run for office.

NAfME Membership Link - The Easy Way to Join or Renew

If you are new and would like to join NAfME/NMMEA or if you want to renew your membership it  just got easier. Click on this link NAfME. For new members you will need to fill in your name email address and name and proceed to complete the information. If you are renewing your membership you will need to enter your email address and know your NAfME ID number. Follow the directions. This will also take you to your record with your personal information. Check your information to be sure it is correct and change any fields that need to be updated.

Very Important - Action Item
Music Educators Contact Information

If you are a new music educator to New Mexico, if you have changed positions, or if your contact information has changed, please let Don Gerheart, NMMEA Executive Director know your contact information for both your home and school addresses. This is very important information that is needed if you are to received communications from NMMEA about our activities and events. Please do so ASAP.

Support the NMMEA All-State Music Festival and Advocacy Efforts

Show your support for music education in New Mexico! Add your name to the list of individuals who recognize the value of music education and support NMMEA. Your generous $25 tax-deductible donation will go toward funding future NMMEA sponsored activities such as All-State Music Festivals and Music Educator In-Service Conferences and advocacy effort. Click here for the Donor Form.

All donor names will be listed on the NMMEA website on the "Bulletin Board" link.

The National Association for Music Education web site contains a great deal of valuable information. Click here to go to the official NAfME page.





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New Mexico Music Educators Association
Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the New Mexico Music Educators Association is to promote the advancement of music education through public, private, and parochial schools and other educational institutions of New Mexico through the philosophy that:

Every child has the right to an opportunity to explore and develop his capacities in the field of music in such ways as may bring happiness and a sense of well-being; stimulate his imagination and stir his creative activities; and make him so responsive that he will cherish and seek to renew fine feelings induced by music.

Every child shall have the opportunity to experience music with other people so that his own enjoyment shall be heightened and he shall be led into greater appreciation of the feeling and aspiration of others.

Every child shall have the opportunity to make music through being guided and instructed in singing, in playing at least one instrument, both alone and with others, and so far as his powers and interest permit in composing music.

Every child shall have the opportunity to grow in musical appreciation, knowledge and skill through the educational programs that may be offered to children and youth.

Every child shall be given the opportunity to have his interest and power in music be explored and developed to the end that unusual talent may be utilized for the enrichment of the individual and society.

Every child has the right to teaching which will develop his appreciation of music and encourage and promote an understanding of all the fine arts.


Any additions or deletions to content should be directed to the Executive Director and all technical inquiries to our web administrator.
Thank you for your support

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